Shit For Sale

Roja offers the finest in shitty goods. All orders are custom made and delivered to you discreetly. To ensure freshness items are vacuum sealed to keep all the smells and flavours locked inside.

Contact us directly to make an order

Item for sale

  • Shitty knickers – €50
  • Used diaper/nappy – €80
  • Pissy knickers – €35
  • Menstrual blood knickers – €80
  • Ovulation covered knickers – €50
  • Shit brownies – €100 per 200g
  • Tub of Shit – €40
  • Piss (100ml) – €30
  • Piss (500ml) – €60
  • Bloody panty liner – €80
  • Vial of menstrual blood – €100
  • Shitty/Bloody/Pissy lollypops – €20
  • Shitty/pissy/bloody toilet paper – €15
  • Swatch of cotton rubbed in armpit/ass/pussy sweat – €15
  • Post sex clean up rags – €40

Items also include a video showing you how they were made. This video will be sent to you through the internet.

All other requests are considered with a negotiable price. Please note, these prices do not include postage which will vary based on your location.

For all orders please contact us directly


Custom Videos

Roja will record a custom video for you. Prices vary based on what you want to see Roja do. (Roja will perform solo or with a male partner)

Please contact us with your requests and we will work out a price for you.


Because of restrictions on this kind of product and to help you keep your anonymity we do payments slightly differently here. If you want to purchase an item or enquire about one we ask that you email us directly once that is done we will prepare an invoice for you to pay. This invoice will be in the name of a discreet company.
We do not ask you to register here or to provide us with any personal details other than your email address (we suggest you use a different account to the one you use on a daily basis) We want to ensure that your anonymity and security is key.