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First Time Shit and Blood Play – €10.99

Roja plays with shit

Watch Roja play with her shit and her blood on camera. Enjoy as she lets you watch what she has done for years for fun.

In this clip, Roja starts out by taking a nice long piss, before taking her menstrual cup out of her pussy and rubbing her blood over her legs. Once she has played with her blood enough she gets shit in her menstrual cup and rubs it all over her legs for you.

The clip ends with Roja cleaning herself off, ready for more dirty shit games for you to watch soon.

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Shit Smeared Sultress – €17.99

Roja plays in her poop

Wearing seductive lingerie Roja takes a nice long piss in the bath, once her bladder is empty she starts to empty her bowels too. She takes a nice long shit which she proceeds to smear all over her body, her legs, her belly, her arms and her tits. Everything is covered with shit.

Watch as this sexy lady plays with her shit with delight.

Once Roja has finished playing with her shit, she takes a full menstrual cup out of her pussy, and pours her period blood onto her already shitty skin, getting blood everywhere.

A very sexy video clip.

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Shit Trampled Husband – €6.99

Roja abuses her husband

In this clip, Roja forces her husband to take a shit. Once he has finished shitting, she makes him lie down and she walks in his shit. Getting it all over her feet and in between her toes.
Once Roja is happy her feet are shitty enough she tramples her husband. getting shit all over his body, his chest, his arms and his cock. She makes especially sure to rub the shit into his cock extra roughly.

When Roja is satisfied that he is shitty enough she makes him lick her feet clean, getting shit in his mouth, making him tastes it. She tops this off by taking a huge piss into his mouth and forcing himself to wank his shitty cock off with shitty hands.

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Huge Dump – €6.99

Roja takes a huge shit in the toilet, sticks her fingers in her arse, wipes her bum and then shows you the huge poop in the toilet.

This shit was so big that despite there being no shit play, the aroma of shit filled the room instantly, it was utterly intoxicating and it lingered on for over an hour after.

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Nasty Panty Shitting – €7.99

Roja Shits her panties

Roja takes a shit in her panties. The only problem is that the shit hasn’t even been fully digested leaving a sludge of shit and half digested vegetables.

Enjoy watching her shit herself, take off her panties and show you her shit

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A Wet Shit – €6.99

Roja take a wet shit

Roja takes a rather loose and wet shit in her toilet.

First she takes a piss, before the wet shit streams from her arsehole. Enjoy watching her struggling to get it all out. As she does cum dribbles out of her pussy from a fuck she had earlier in the day. And listen to her loud farts as he forces her shit out of her arsehole. Before showing you a close up of her dirty arse and then wiping herself clean.

The smell of this shit was immense.

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A Poop Compilation – €6.99

Roja takes seven poops in two days

Raw footage of Roja taking her shits over just two days. Enjoy watching Roja shitting and pissing a total of seven times. Many of the poops are accompanied by ripe farts for your enjoyment.

If you watch carefully you will also see lots of white secretions from Roja’s pussy. A sure sign that she is ovulating while filming herself shitting. 

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Sweet Panty Pooping – €7.99

Wearing sexy blue panties, Roja takes a nice long piss in them, Once her bladder is entirely empty she struggles to empty her bowels too. Letting out a few ripe farts. Eventually she manages to shit herself and rubs her shit into her panties directly from her asshole.

She strips herself shows her dirty panties and her filthy little ass hole. Before washing all the shit away.

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